Macaco Slacklines

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The awesome Macaco slackline just got… well… more awesome – 10m more awesome to be precise.

The Macaco is a great line for beginners wanting to get into slacklining in the back garden or at your local park. The wide line (50mm) makes this slack line good for learning on as well as for progressing to more advanced tricks.

The Macaco slackline is one of the lightest around making it easy to stick in your back pack and travel around with (even if you are only going up the street to the park!) Despite being light this slackline is very strong and can handle up to 3 tonne (fully tested in the UK)! For added safety and comfort the Ratchet mechanism can handle up to 5 tonne.

This slack line enables inexperienced slackline enthusiasts to get started easily – it is simple to set up with a nice strong ratchet. Plus it’s nice and wide to help you find your balance.

Just attach it to a couple of posts / trees and get walking that line!

The Macaco slack line kit contains:
1 x 26m (85.3 feet) of “Slack” specific webbing, Width: 50mm
1 x Sturdy compact ratchet and loop – 2 metres
1 x Firetoys® ‘How to Slackline’ booklet
1 x Carry bag
Total kit weight: 2.96 Kg