Macaco Slacklines

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Macaco Classic SlacklineClassic Macaco Slackline 16m


The Macaco is a great line for beginners wanting to get into slacklining in the back garden or at your local park. The wide line (50mm) makes this slack line good for learning on as well as for progressing to more advanced tricks.

The Macaco slackline is one of the lightest around making it easy to stick in your back pack and travel around with (even if you are only going up the road to the park!) Despite being light this slackline is very strong, fully tested and can handle up to 3 tonnes! For added safety and comfort the ratchet mechanism can handle up to 5 tonnes.

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Macaco Long SlacklineLong Macaco Slackline 26m


The Macaco Long Slackline is the same as the Classic line but with more awesome… 10m more awesome to be precise!

The Long Slackline is still suitable for beginners but those new to this sport might find it a little trickier to balance than the Classic line. The Long line has the advantages of giving you more space to walk and perform tricks and giving you more versatility in your line’s setup.

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Macaco Travel SlacklineTravel Macaco Slackline 11m


The Macaco Travel Slackline is a shorter, lighter version of the Classic line making it ideal for taking it on your travelling adventures.

The Travel line is 11m long and the whole kit weighs just 1.5kg meaning you’ll hardly notice it once it’s packed in your bag. The trade off for the reduction in weight is that the Travel line isn’t quite as strong as the Classic or Long lines. It’s still fully tested but is rated at 2 tonnes instead of 3 tonnes meaning it’s not suitable for big jumps or high impact tricks.

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